Our Works

Restorative Justice & Reconciliation

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice runs programs related to restorative justice, the idea which is our reason for existence, our […]

Restorative Justice in Education

Since 2022, Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice has been promoting ways to use the principles of restorative justice in the […]

Nepal Dialogues

The ideals of peace and justice require that those working for peace and justice should come together at some point […]

Restorative Justice Programs

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice organizes annual conferences on restorative justice in Nepal focusing on various aspects of restorative justice […]

Dialogue & Justice Resource Center

We run a Dialogue & Justice Resource Center, which is a collection of books, articles, videos, documentaries and materials related […]

Trainings on Justice & Peacebuilding

Nepal Forum for Restorative justice provides workshops, trainings and awareness sessions on restorative justice, transitional justice, dialogue and allied fields such […]