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About NFRJ

Who we are​

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice is a non-governmental non-profit organization working in the fields of restorative justice, dialogue and peacebuilding in Nepal. It began as a loose forum in 2014 and was formally institutionalized in 2017.

Since its formal establishment in 2017, it has been involved in promoting principles and practices of restorative justice in formal and community systems in Nepal, and furthering regional and global movements in these fields. NFRJ’s works are founded on the value systems of respect, interconnectedness, inclusion, humility, accountability and co-empowerment.

NFRJ has been running various national and international programs related to restorative justice, dialogue, and peacebuilding. It also runs a Dialogue Center, its online portal (www.nepaldialogues.org), and rolls out direct services to victims and stakeholders affected by crime and conflict.


Akin to the values of restorative justice, our work is based on the following value systems: respect, interconnectedness, inclusion and participation, humility, accountability, and co-empowerment


Our vision is to establish non-adversarial mechanisms and beyond as a way of positively transforming contexts of crimes or conflicts for sustainable peace and justice in Nepal. We envision safe and equitable societies where restorative interactions transform individuals, relationships, communities, and systems through social, psycho-social and emotional support for healing and transformation.


Our mission is to promote restorative and transformative justice for people, groups and communities in Nepal and beyond. We provide support to establish high quality practices with fidelity to restorative principles, dialogue and justice.

Welcome to the movement

Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice has been involved in the very formative stages of introducing restorative justice in Nepal in both judicial and community spheres. The Nepal Forum is set up as a space to explore, promote and establish more functional alternatives to the conventional justice system in responding to the justice concerns in situations of crimes or conflicts. Such alternatives could be ones based on the values of restorative and non-adversarial justice so that lasting social transformation could be achieved in our societies, our country and across the globe.

Building on synergic potential for the transformation we aspire to have, we are joining hands with all like-hearted organizations and individuals believing that true peace is achieved through justice. In this long peace-through-justice movement we have embarked upon, what matters most is your company, your solidarity.

Welcome to the Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice! Welcome to the movement!

Solidarity, not charity